My huband is a stripper

“Good painters remove or cover door hardware before they paint.  the other kind of painter just slops it over any exposed metal and ruins the door’s appearance”.  the previous owners of our home were the later. we were just left with the mess.  fortunately, any knob, escutcheon plate, or hinge can be made to shine again. With paint stripper, a wire brush, a dremel, and a lot of patience my husband took on the challenge.



One Comment to “My huband is a stripper”

  1. In case anyone was wondering, the reason I didn't simply replace the hinge assembly with a new one is because the door-frame hinge was spot welded to the frame and hidden behind wood finish and also I couldn't find a door-side hinge that matched this one. So I decided to clean up the old ones.I was using a long process of applying paint stripper, scraping w/ a wire brush then touching up with a dremel sanding. This gives mediocre results with a fair amt. of scratches from the dremel. Through some trial and error, I've found that a wire brush attachment on a non-battery operated drill is definitely the way to go. Gives a nice brushed finish and is exponentially faster. Just have to be careful not to knick any of the wood with it!

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