Men in black

My dad came a few weeks ago and helped us finish up a little bit of painting (okay A LOT of painting). We are so happy that he sacrificed a weekend to help us out– Thank you again for your help dad! With a paintbrush in one hand and a camera in the other, I snapped some pictures of the boys in action 

Tackling “grand-pappy’s whiskey cabinet”
I finally convinced by dad that the mirrored cabinet, equipped with an orange light, and shelves for an old man’s liquor anchored in the corner of the room had to come down.  Here are pictures of the guys pulling it off of the wall.  PS: dad.. the cabinet is in the basement for you, right beside the 5 foot mirror that used to be above the fireplace 

I have to throw a quick comment in about their matching black shirts… it made me giggle.. 

Now on to tackling the kitchen…


One Comment to “Men in black”

  1. I hope you will re-purpose grand-pappy's whiskey cabinet! :o)<3 Hallie

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