Freezer Smoothie Baggies

Lately I have been all about smoothies.  Strawberry-banana smoothies, blueberry smoothies, chocolate-banana smoothies, yogurt-strawberry smoothies.  I’ve been mixing up multiple flavors in the comfort of my own kitchen.  Although nutritious, smoothies aren’t exactly the quickest or cheapest to make yourself.  I got this great idea from “The Tidy Nest” to  make  my own Freezer Smoothie Baggies to save time and money. “The Tidy Nest” divides the fruit and yogurt into serving size baggies and stores them in the freezer.  

  • Wash and chop the fruit. 
  • Freeze the yogurt in ice cube trays to divide into appropriate serving size. 
  • For a smoothie that serves two: use 1 1/2 cups fruit and 3-4 yogurt cubes.  Add milk or juice into the blender until it reaches a smooth consistency.  
  • Throw all packets into a large freezer bag to prevent freezer burn.


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